Post  summer vacation, classes 6 to 12 in all schools across TamilNadu is reopened . Earlier in June TamilNadu government instructed schools to reopen on June 12th owing to extreme temperatures . Teachers  and other staff had flowers and chocolates  with them to welcome the students in some schools. Even school supplies, bags, notebooks and books were provided on the re-opening day. Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi  , the  School Education Minister conveyed his wishes to the students and teachers for the upcoming year.  Facilities for the students was enquired by the Minister when he inspected a school in the city. He headed to a girls school in virugumbakkam and there he said a total of 16,108 middle schools, high schools and higher secondary government schools and close to 12,000 private schools were reopened on Monday. “My hearty wishes to all the students, teachers and other officials of the education department. I hope from day one, they will strive towards achieving a higher pass percentage than last academic year,” he said. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to be followed by all school authorities  regarding hygiene and drinking water.


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