In Mumbai , a college in Chembur restricted entry to girl students who had come in burqas because of their uniform policy code  .  In front of NG Acharya & DK Marathe College gate, parents of the girl students staged a roko. This incident ignited a tension and this video of the protest started going viral. The police official reached the spot and reasoned with parents and college authorities. After this the situation got pacified. Rules regarding the dress code for the students were informed by evening. The rules regarding dressing will be communicated to the parents well in advance. This was told by College Principal Vidya Gauri Lele. She said “On May 1, we held a meeting with parents to discuss this new dress code policy. We had communicated everything including the ban on burqa, hijab, scarves, and stickers. At the time, everyone had agreed to the dress code. But they are protesting now.” She added that girl students having objection are entitled to freedom of leaving the college. Meanwhile muslim girl students said they fee uncomfortable to leave the house without wearing burqa. They requested to atleast permit a scarf.  Finally considering the safety and dignity of girl students they can come in burqa. But  they will have to remove in washroom before entering classroom and wear it in washroom while going home.


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