Last year US issued more than 1,40,000 visas to Indian students. Under  Biden’s administration  it was done to promote people – to – people ties with  India . To reduce visa appointment wait period several  steps are being taken . Since six to seven days a week US  missions in India worked to make sure that before commencement of classes, student’s  interview process is over. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services, Julie Stufft said this. To meet the demands coming out of India , US has to take massive steps to concentrate on it this year. Stufft  said, “We specifically made sure that we saw the students who were applying coming out of India. India is now the largest source country for foreign students in the United States, as well as many other visa categories. That’s a very important one for us. We have also had a lot of cases where the interview was waived, so no interview for Indian travellers who have previously travelled and are now going back to the US.”  Over 1,40,000 visas to Indian students has been issued by US in 2022. The visa appointment wait time in India is still a bit high so measures are being taken to reduce it. Anyone who is interested in travelling to US , can apply to US as soon as possible. In 2023 till date more than 10.5 million visas have been issued worldwide . It was told by Stufft during a press conference.


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